Young high achievers celebrated

Photo of two young male students

Senior secondary students who participated in UTAS' High Achiever Program (HAP) were presented with certificates of participation at ceremonies in Hobart and Launceston this week.

HAP has been running since 2004, providing high-achieving Tasmanian senior secondary students with the opportunity to enrol in University units to complement and extend their TCE or IB studies.

This year there were 60 senior secondary school students who participating in HAP state-wide across a range of disciplines.

Tim Keith, 17, a student at Elizabeth College, enjoyed studying calculus and applications through HAP.

Tim found the study enjoyable and said it "wasn't really hard- a lot of the content is similar."

He has applied for university and hopes to focus on software engineering.

Reo Lazaro, 18, from Gilford Young College, studied ethics and equality in his first semester and metaphysics in the second.

"I plan to move on to behavioural sciences next year. I've been interested in philosophy so I wanted to try out the area and see whether I might study it or not. I enjoyed the course but I probably won't progress with it after this.

"I'm interested in people and philosophy, but philosophy is more of a knowledge-based subject rather than a practical one. I might go into psychology or something like that."

Professor David Sadler, (Deputy Vice-Chancellor Students and Education), presented the students with their certificates and extended his congratulations.

"You should be very proud of yourselves," he told the students.

"So many of you have very well across a wide range of academic areas.

"We very much hope that having had this experience with the university that you will want to continue with it – I know some of you have already expressed that desire."

Image: Reo Lazaro (left) and Tim Keith (right), both completed the UTAS High Achiever Program.

Published on: 06 Dec 2012 12:19pm