Collaborative stories of the sea displayed

Sea Stories at the Carnegie Gallery, Hobart

A new exhibition has brought together four Tasmanian artists with distinctly different practices to create art exploring our relationship with the sea.

Curator Helen Norrie, from the UTAS School of Architecture and Design, said on our island, “stories from, and of, the sea are shared and pervasive.”

“Each of the artists has had a long association with the sea: from the distant Atlantic, Pacific and Southern Oceans, to local bays of Bruny Island,” Helen said.

“The experience of the ocean and sea underpins their work in sea stories in a range of ways, and this exhibition provides a platform to explore and expand this sphere of influence.”

The four artists, all UTAS graduates, were introduced through a collaborative project for the Alcorso Foundation, in which they worked in pairs to produce a single object.

The combination of jeweller (Karin Beaumont), painter (Michaye Boulter), object artist (Sally Brown) and furniture designer (Linda Fredheim) showcases a diverse range of skills, but each artist shares similar sensibilities which allow inspiration to be drawn from each other’s work.

Linda created a miniature Sea Chest that was lined with an exquisitely fine painting by Michaye, while Karin and Sally combined their respective design sensibilities and technical skills to create the organic-shaped sculptural vessel, Upwelling.

sea stories opens Thursday 18 October 6pm at the Carnegie Gallery, Hobart. It continues until 25 November, 2012.

Published on: 18 Oct 2012 12:06pm